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Things I wish I had learned earlier...

As 2021 comes to a close I have a laundry list of things I wish I still knew... however, this past year I learned many things that I wish I had learned earlier in life. As my children grow and I try really hard to give them solid advice, I find myself reflecting on what I need to be doing too.

I try to listen to podcasts and people that help me stay focused, but let's be honest... I have a short attention span. In fact as I write this post, I have about 15 other projects I need to start or finish.

However, I came across a really great article written by James Altucher. If you don't know who he is, try and follow him on Linkedin or other social sites. This guy has a brilliant mind and he's real. His article talks about being a good parent... I think something all parents WANT to be right? But what advice he gives about some critical habits are what I loved about it most. His advice:

1 - Do what YOU do, not what THEY do. "If someone tells you, you can't do that... then it just means they can't do it. You do you. " Your path is just that. YOUR path. What is meant for you, what feels right for you, probably won't feel right for everyone else. I love this. There is no later, live now... DO YOU.

2- You are the average of FIVE people around you AND the five things you: EAT, INSPIRED BY, THINK ABOUT MOST. I have always heard the five people concept... but the other stuff... so true too... maybe even more impactful than the people... it is what we consume... literally. Pay attention to those things, and see if you can change your attitude, waistline, life.

3 - The way you do ANYTHING is the way you do EVERYTHING. He talked about making your bed... how this one simple thing can be a direct reflection of your day, of your habits. Guess what, he's right. Neglecting the little things can add up. Stop. Do it. Take the time to care. See how it changes things for you. EVERY move you make, even the things you don't do, are choices. I'm making my bed. Every day. He recommends this from a book called The Gap and the Gain by Benjamin Hardy. It's on my list to read next. I'll do a book review once I am done.

Do something today.

I guess why I feel this all is so darn important, is we are consumed by life. So much that we forget to live. Don't wish away the struggles of parenting, enjoy them. It doesn't last forever.

Here's to a goal crushing 2022. Happy New Year. <3

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