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Green Lights, My Review...

I love romantic comedies... I guess I'm a sucker for a feel-good, predictable ending. Not a fan of horror movies by the way. So because I'm a fan of the Rom-Com genre of course I am also a fan of Mathew McConaughey. I like his smile, voice, and ability to remind me of what is possible. He, wrote a book. And it is LOVELY.

His candid honesty, humor, and ability to tell a story are some of the reasons I think it is so good. He reminds us that people in Hollywood have a different life outside of the screen. His is sad, funny, and reflective of a person I would be honored to call a friend.

His poems, bumperstickers, and "notes to self" are exactly what makes it so personal and great. He recites few new poems and tips I will certainly add to my collection.

Thank you @MathewMcConaughey for sharing your story on paper, for making me smile and laugh out loud a few times. For being real, and for reminding me that I too have a journal, and even though no one but maybe my kids will read it after I'm gone. It is time to start writing in it again.

Alright, alright, alright.... keep on living.

~ Amen Sister.


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